Car rental

Are you looking for a TAXI car for rent? Contact us and rent a fully armed and ready to drive car!

The car is equipped with: excerpt from the license, mounted cassette meter, payment terminal for non-cash journeys, full marking (stripes, siren, price list, etc.), TAXI lamp.

The ability to drive on the Uber, Bolt, Free New, Glob Taxi, Opti Taxi applications.

Tel: 784 113 263

Eternis Fleet - Services

Rental of cassette taximeters
and cash registers

We provide cassette taximeters and cash registers rental services, which expand the earning potential of drivers.

Road assistance

Did you have a collision? Need roadside assistance? Call an Eternis tow truck!
Preferential rates for our drivers!
Phone number: +48 734 734 647


We have a large fleet of cars that you can rent to start working as a TAXI driver.