Comprehensive and professional
settlements for drivers
using mobile applications


We are a trusted, long-term partner of transport companies such as Uber, Uber Eats, Bolt, Bolt Food, Free now, Glovo, Opti taxi, Wolt, Wozo and Glob Taxi. We have been cooperating with Uber and Bolt from the beginning of their operations in Poland. We have the necessary experience and knowledge of the transport industry.


With our help and thanks to our services you do not need to start your own business if you want to become a driver for any of the companies we serve. We provide a comprehensive approach as well as reliable and efficient service.


We deal with drivers' settlement, renting taximeters, cassette taximeters, as well as cash registers and fully equipped TAXI cars. You will arrange all formalities with us in the shortest time. Our best showcase is a huge group of satisfied customers. We settle over 8,000 drivers who recommend us to others.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional partner who pays you your earned money in a timely manner, with good telephone and e-mail contact and an accounting department at the driver’s disposal – YOU COULD NOT FIND BETTER!

Cooperate with us

If you are interested in working with our company as a billing partner in cooperation with owners of carriers’ mobile applications, please fill out the contact form, contact us via the Messenger application or by phone at +48 889 834 137.

Our services

Accounting for drivers

We settle accounts for drivers using mobile applications who do not have their own business. We also have a B2B offer for people with their own company.

Work permission

We help in submitting the necessary documents to legalize work for foreigners in Poland.


We help in submitting the necessary documents to legalize work for foreigners in Poland.


We have a large fleet of cars that you can rent to start working as a TAXI driver.


Did you have a collision? Need roadside assistance? Call an Eternis tow truck!
Preferential rates for our drivers!
Phone number: +48 734 734 647

Cash registers

We provide cash registers rental services, which expand the earning potential of drivers.


We run our own doctor’s office, where you can perform medical and psychotechnical tests for a TAXI driver without queue.

Mobile application especially
for our partners

To make it easier for our partners – drivers to see the status of payments and settlements, we have created a special Eternis application equipped with a Driver’s Panel.

In the application, each of our drivers can see at what stage his settlement is, when the payment will be credited to his account and what will be its amount. It is an IT system created especially for our Partners to facilitate the control and clarity of payments and journeys. Driver’s profile with a preview of payments, transfers, costs and the ability to upload invoices.

Everything in one place.
Especially for you.
It’s so simple!


Settlement for referral

If you recommend Eternis to others, you get free billing for your work.

Fuel discounts

For our drivers, we offer fleet cards for the Circle K stations network (savings of up to 20gr/l).

Sport packages

We have an attractive offer of "OK System" sports cards for our drivers.

Cash registers

Possibility of renting a proffessional cash register, which gives you more opportunities to earn money.

Cars ready to go

We offer rental of a fully armed car ready to drive as a licensed TAXI carrier (excerpt from the license, cassette meter, TAXI lamp, full car wrapping, ie stripes, price list, side numbers).

Eternis offices in Poland - where we are

  • Warsaw, Saska street 9a
  • Białystok, Łagodna street 14/1
  • Wrocław, Krzemieniecka street 1
  • Lublin, Okopowa street 5 r. 37
  • Cracow, Fabryczna 20A street
  • Rzeszów, Targowa 10 street, office no. 6
  • Poznań, Traugutta 21 street

Eternis – we operate wherever there are carriers in the applications (Bolt, Uber, Freenow, Glovo, Wolt, Go Taxi):

Warsaw, Poznań, Cracow, Wrocław, Tricity, Silesia, Łódź, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Białystok, Toruń, Rzeszów, Częstochowa, Radom, Kielce, Olsztyn, Bielsko-Biała, Płock, Elbląg, Opole, Lublin, Koszalin, Legnica, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Kalisz, Płock, Tarnów, Toruń, Wałbrzych, Włocławek, Zielona Góra.

Eternis - costs

1 application

From 20 PLN per settlement.

2 applications

From 50 PLN per settlement in 2 applications.

3 applications and more

From 75 zł per settlement for driving in 3 and more applications.

Why us?

The largest billing partner

Currently we settle over 8,000 drivers. We are specialists in our industry.

7 offices in large Polish cities

We have our own offices in 5 Polish cities: in Warsaw, Wrocław, Białystok, Lublin and Cracow, Rzeszów, Poznań - we operate throughout the country

A large team of professional employees

Our qualified employees deal with comprehensive customer service.

Support in 7 languages

We provide services in 7 languages: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic.

Full on-site accounting service

We know our clients and we provide full billing and accounting services in our offices.

Various forms of employment

We work with our clients in various forms, such as B2B or employment based on a contract of employment.

Eternis Driver's Panel

An IT system created especially for our Drivers to facilitate control and clarity of payments and trips.

Benefit package

Working with our company, you have access to many benefits, including OK System cards, or fuel discounts.

Our Client's Testimonials

Eternis in numbers

years on the market

Eternis - about us

The beginnings of our activity date back to the introduction of the Uber and Bolt applications to the Polish market. We are together all the time. We work with Uber and Bolt from the very beginning. We develop in parallel and adapt to the changing conditions on the transport market in our country. Along with the development of this market segment, our company also developed and gained valuable experience in the industry.

We are constantly training and improving our skills to keep up with the rapidly changing transport market in Poland. Our services are fully tailored to the needs of our clients.

We offer comprehensive service and support in starting work as a driver with carriers with whom we constantly cooperate. We are reliable and have a positive approach. In our main office in Warsaw, we have several specialized units, in which a number of specialists professionally provide comprehensive customer service. You can rely on us. Our clients are happy to recommend us to others. We currently settle over 8,000 drivers, and the number of our clients is constantly growing.

Currently, a significant part of the work related to the necessary documentation can be carried out remotely, but for our clients we run 5 offices in Poland: in Warsaw, Wrocław, Białystok, Lublin, Cracow, Rzeszów.

Questions? We will find the answer to them.

See the Frequently Asked Questions section. There you will find answers to many topics that bother you, as well as all information regarding cooperation with us.

How to start cooperation?

Where to start? How long does registration take? What documents are needed? Can I become a driver working in the mobile application? What conditions do I have to meet? Do I need my own car? What equipment should my car have? When can I start?

We are there for you. Contact us by phone, e-mail, via the Messenger application – we will answer all your questions and guide you through the registration process efficiently.