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Do you want to find a well-paid job as a food and shopping supplier with a popular app? Working as a Wolt courier is an interesting activity. It could be a full-time job or an effective way to just make for a living. Before you decide to start working as a Wolt application courier, you need to know how much you can earn. We will also tell you how you can reduce your labour costs as much as possible. And at the same time, how to maximize income. Don’t have a vehicle to work with Wolt app? We have a solution for that, too. We invite you to read the next post on our blog.

The Wolt app works in 20 countries around the world. Wolt provides services in the largest cities in Poland. The company originates from Finland. It was established in 2014. Unlike other, popular applications, Wolt delivers not only food from restaurants. Thanks to Wolt couriers, customers can also shop in stores that have previously joined the network. Everything works in a simple way. Shops and restaurants join the Wolt network and present their offer. Customers download the app from the Google Play Store or AppStore to their phones. When a customer launches the app on their phone, they see an offer of shops and restaurants in their area. When he/she places an order and pays for it, restaurants and shops prepare the goods for delivery to the courier. The Courier of the Wolt application delivers the goods directly to the customer. And he gets paid for it.

How much can you earn as a Wolt application courier?

As always, in the case of services, there is no fixed earnings and a fixed salary. That’s why we can’t give you the estimation. from…to which will determine how much you will definitely earn.

  • The amount of earnings depends on the amount of time you spend on work- the more time the better salary.
  • It is clear that the biggest impact on your salary is the number of orders from customers. No one is able to predict how many there will be in a given period of time.
  • There is also no one recipe for where you can earn the most. Is it better to drive in the city downtown, or on a large estate, where there are many customers?
  • The salary in Wolt is charged on each order. That comes with bonuses.
  • The company guarantees a minimum hourly rate for the hours in which you will be active (you will be available in the application, and you will be waiting for orders).
  • In addition, the longer is the road, the higher the rate per 1 kilometre.
  • Sometimes you can also count on tips from satisfied customers.

How does it look in practice?

  • Wolt reports that the average salary of the courier ranges from 500 to 2000 zloty per week.
  • On many forums you can find practical information from people who have worked or are working as Wolt couriers. It follows from them that on average you can earn approx. 25-30 PLN per hour. It can be assumed that such a rate is real.
  • If you devote 40 hours per week (5×8 hours) to work, like, you work a standard work week, you can earn 1000-1200 zloty per week. So, it is 4,000-4,800 zlotys per month. In addition, there will be bonuses for making large amounts of deliveries.
  • What do bonuses look like? The company does not inform about their amount, as they are the subject to change. You can assume that on average, for making 40 deliveries, you can receive an additional 80 zloty and for 50 deliveries-110 zloty bonus. Wolt is a flexible employer. This means that you can treat work in the Wolt as a casual and additional work. You set your schedule 100% by yourself; therefore, you can work only on weekends or only at certain hours. But-as you remember, if you work more, you get bonuses. You can use the support of the Wolt team at any time.


What does the form of employment look like if I want to work as a courier of Wolt?

If you want to work as a Wolt Courier, you can take advantage of the offer of a billing partner such as Eternis. Then all settlements are taken over by the settlement company. The monthly cost of using Eternis services is 30 PLN per application. In this case, from Wolt app.

But… If you take advantage of the Eternis billing partner offer, you can work for other applications. For the settlement of each app, you will pay only 20 zloty. You will be employed by Eternis on a contract basis.

What gives such a solution?

  • As we mentioned earlier, working in app services does not give you the certainty of a steady, good earnings. It all depends on the number of orders submitted by customers. Wolt offers a minimum hourly rate if, for example, you make one delivery, or there are no deliveries in a given hour. But these are not large funds.
  • A better solution may be to work for several applications at the same time. Is there no order from Wolt at any given time, or are there not enough? Do orders from other applications. With Eternis you can work for several applications at the same time. Eternis has offices in the largest cities of Poland.
  • Eternis will also help you when you need a transport, and you do not have your own. You can rent a vehicle and, for example, offer n services for one of the applications. And at the same time work for Wolt as a courier of food or goods from stores. You can also rent a scooter.
  • This way of working makes you your own boss, you work all hours and at the same time, you always have a lot of work to do. And that means you can make a lot of money.


What is needed to start working as Wolt courier?

You must be of legal age. You must have your own transport (unless you rent it in Eternis). You need to register on the Wolt website, send scans or photos of documents, provide personal data and undergo a short training. You need a phone with internet access. You need to order equipment to work. Wolt sends it to your address. You can also pick them up at one of Eternis’ offices if you choose to work with an appreciated billing partner.

What kind of vehicle do I need to provide services for Wolt?

If you want to work for the Wolt, you need a bicycle, an electric scooter, a scooter or a car. Each of these vehicles has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider them before choosing.

Work for Wolt on a bicycle:

  • Advantages: low cost of use, no need to pay for fuel.
  • Disadvantages: rapid fatigue, you need to have an exceptionally good physical condition to be able to drive around the city all day. During the rain and frost work on the bike is exceedingly difficult. The bike also needs to be serviced and protected from theft. The problem with the implementation of further deliveries.

Work for Wolt on an electric scooter:

  • Advantages: low cost of use, you do not have to get tired physically.
  • Disadvantages: you must include the cost of charging to the cost of work. During operation, the scooter may unload. The scooter requires servicing and may require expensive battery replacement as well as repairs. During the rain and frost work on the scooter is very difficult.

Work for Wolt on a scooter:

  • Advantages: low cost of use, speed of delivery, independence from traffic jams.
  • Disadvantages: you must include the cost of charging (electric scooter) or the cost of refueling (diesel scooter) to the cost of work. The scooter requires servicing (replacement of oil, brake system parts, filters, etc.) and may require repairs. The electric scooter will require replacement of an expensive battery and may discharge during operation. During the rain and frost work on a scooter is difficult. If you do not have your own scooter-you can rent it from Eternis at an attractive price.

Work for Wolt using a car:

  • Advantages: comfort of work. You can work all year. You can make long-distance deliveries. Security. You can conveniently deliver larger orders.
  • Disadvantages: you must include the cost of fuel and servicing the car to the cost of work. The most profitable is the car with LPG, but it, in turn, is characterized by an increased level of emergency. You need to be prepared that one day the car will require repair, which can be expensive. In some places there may be a problem with parking. You’re going to spend a lot of time parking your car. You have to deal with traffic jams downtown and beyond.

How to become a Wolt courier? Step by step

Prepare all the documents and scan them (or you can take a good photo of them).

  • Register at: https://panel.eternis.pl/rejestracja
  • Register at: https://wolt.com/pl/apply-as-courier
  • Go training in Wolt (online).
  • Get the equipment from the Wolt.
  • Work and earn!

If during the registration process, you have questions or doubts remember that we are here for you. You can contact us at any time via hotline, e-mail, Fb Messenger, Telegram, Whatsup or directly at our office. Remember: if you do not have your own scooter-you can rent it in Eternis. You can also work for several applications at once to be able to earn really big money.